A boy’s t-shirt printed with the words GO JUMP IN THE LAKE is where our story begins. When Derrek Aaron was 12 years old, he vacationed at Lake Tahoe.  He peered over the side of the boat through the clear water’s sparkling surface and he was amazed by how deep he could see fish swimming amidst the rocks on the sandy bottom. Lakes in his hometown were murky, not clean like Lake Tahoe. He bought a souvenir t-shirt featuring a figure jumping into the lake, and wore out that tee! Through college, he skied the Tahoe basin and determined he would live at the Lake one day. In 2008, he achieved his dream, and soon after, he filled pages of his sketchbook with ideas in a quest to re-create that t-shirt he adored as a youth.

LIVE A TAHOE DAY is an expression of Derrek’s reverence for America’s most beautiful alpine lake, and his mission to encourage the escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. HIs motto is GO LIVE a Tahoe Day. Everyday. Create an experience so life enhancing that the joy of Tahoe lives inside of you for all time, wherever you go.

Our original designs are silk-screened by hand in the USA on the best quality eco-friendly apparel using a manual press and reclaimed inks.

Our Mission

LIVE A TAHOE DAY is an American apparel brand featuring original designs inspired by the unlimited fun and invigoration we experience on an alpine adventure.

Our mission is to be bold in the boundless opportunities the lake and mountains provide. Appreciate the beauty of nature’s awe-inspiring creations. Celebrate your true nature. Discover your wild and spontaneous side.